Centre for a Responsible Future (CRF) is a registered non-profit  and charity in Singapore that started in 1999.


We engage people and organisations in Singapore to adopt more responsible practices for a better future.


UEN Number: S99SS0065J
Year of Establishment: 1999



Charity Registration Number: 1851
Charity Registration Date: 28 January 2005

Our Programs

EarthFest and EarthLife inspire and support people and organisations to make more environmentally sustainable choices.

Animal Allies inspires and support people and organisations to make more humane choices for all animals.

Vegetarian Society inspires and supports people in moving towards plant-based lifestyles.

Alliance for a Responsible Future increases consumer demand for responsible products and supports responsible businesses.

Our Team

DR. GEORGE JACOBS, president

George became a vegetarian in 1980. At the time, his main influences were a vegetarian cousin and the book ‘Diet for a Small Planet’. The main idea of that book is that eating meat is wasting food, because we have to feed many kgs of plant food to other animals to produce just one kg of meat. Since about 2006, George has followed a plant based diet.

George has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and works with schools and universities around Singapore and beyond. Born in the U.S. in 1952, he has lived in Singapore since 1993 and is now a Singapore citizen. In his free time, George enjoys bicycling, swimming, children’s literature, and hanging out with his wife, niece and nephew. Mangoes are among his favourite veg foods. George enjoys his own cooking, but not too many other people do.

HENG GUAN HOU, vice president

HENG Guan Hou is a stalwart crusader of the vegetarian, local organic, environmental and corporate social responsibility movements in Singapore for many years. An active member of Vegetarian Society Singapore, Guan Hou has been elected as the Vice President after serving 2 years as the Honorary Treasurer. He is actively involved in several other NGOs such as World-In-Theatre and Nyaung Kan Aye Dharma Society. He has held numerous positions in charity and religious organizations and performance arts groups (World-in-Theatre in Singapore). His passion is to do as many arts, social and charity projects as he can in his lifetime.

Being an adventurous entrepreneur, Guan Hou ventured into Myanmar without looking back, and has produced substantial results with the setting up of an FMCG company distributing the Old Town White Coffee brand, and an Engineering Turnkey Solutions Providers . He was awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and Lianhe Zaobao Chinese newspaper as well as the Emerging Enterprise 2012 Award from OCBC Bank for his entrepreneurship.

APROOP DHEERAJ, charitable projects officer

Aproop has been a vegetarian for several years, having been influenced by teachings on non-violence towards sentient beings. After watching VSS-organized film screenings in 2016, he discovered that there was no difference in terms of animal suffering between eating meat and using dairy/eggs and other non-meat, animal based foods.Aproop joined Animal Allies (a project of VSS) in 2016, at the same time that he turned vegan, and he contributes to the social media team’s website content. He also volunteers at outreach booths.He gets a kick out of the fact that he now knows how to bake vegan cookies and that he gets to dress up as Happy Cow at events and, as such, receives a lot of attention.



American, Patricia has lived outside of the US in Oslo, Paris, Brussels, and one fascinating year in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Patricia is Singapore PR and has been a resident of since 2006. Patricia completed MBAs with UCLA Anderson and NUS in 2012, and a B.A. at Austin College in 1992.
It was in the Congo that Patricia first became intimate with the connection between animal and plate, when she had to instruct a machete-wielding butcher what part of a whole pig to package up. Patricia became a ‘lunchtime vegetarian’ in 2007, and is now ‘mostly’ vegan, because of the health, environmental, and animal benefits. Films “What The Health”, and “Cowspiracy”also influenced her choice.
Patricia is married with two children. She enjoys good food and conversation, travel, building businesses, nutrition, helping friends with technology, fierce online bargain hunting, Star Wars, and tinkering in real estate projects- not necessarily in that order.
Rajes Wari


Never one to describe herself as an “Animal Lover”, Rajes spent a good portion of her life being terrified of animals instead. Regardless, a variety of reasons and an evening’s viewing of the documentary, Cowspiracy, eventually led her to embrace a diet that is not only friendly to the environment but to fellow sentient beings as well – for whom she eventually developed a soft spot.

Having been a volunteer with Animal Allies, which serves as a wonderful platform to engage in activities to reach out to the public, she is grateful for the existence of organisations like CRF and its programs for all that it does in support of the plant based scene. 

Having also realised that the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach, she is happy to report at least someone appreciates her cooking. 

BIANCA POLAK, events officer

Bianca was born in the Netherlands and calls Singapore home since she migrated here in the year 2000. Bianca has a Masters in Computer Science as well as in Instructional Design & Technology and works in the IT industry as a Project Manager.

She became a Reiki master in 2016 and practises this energy healing technique not only on humans, but also on animals, including her own cats. After her Reiki experiences with animals she turned vegetarian and embraced a more compassionate lifestyle. She is an active member of Animal Allies and regularly does public outreach at events.In her free time, she also guides tours at the Bukit Brown cemetery and volunteers with the Singapore Film Society. She enjoys arts, photography, heritage, culture and nature.

ASHLEY CHOW, legal & policy officer

Ashley became a vegetarian in 2010 after watching Glass Walls, a video narrated by Paul McCartney about the horrors of modern-day factory farming. After reading up more on ethical philosophy, animal rights, health and nutrition, as well as environmental issues, she became vegan in July 2011.Ashley’s primary motivation for being vegan is her commitment to the ideal of non-violence. She also values the clean and healthy body that a well-planned vegan diet helps to achieve and her increased levels of energy (or what she likes to call “vegan superpowers”!).Ashley is currently training as a lawyer in the financial services industry. When she’s not working or volunteering, she loves to do yoga and reading.

MICHAEL BROADHEAD, volunteer manager

Michael Broadhead is a science teacher and volunteer director of EarthFest, Earth Film Fest and Animal Allies.

Growing up on a grain farm, he was often exposed to farm animals when visiting neighbours and extended family. After leaving Canada, Michael lived in the UK, Taiwan, and China before moving to Singapore. During a backpacking holiday in India, he realised that the farming and diet he had been normalised to had devastating environmental and health impacts with moral implications he had never considered before.He now works to close awareness gaps and inspire people to live more sustainable, healthy and compassionate lifestyles.

AMY THOO, assistant secretary

Amy was born in Malaysia and furthered her tertiary study in Singapore with the government bond. After spending more than 10 years in Singapore, she decided to call this lovely place home by getting its citizenship.
With passion in protecting the environment, Amy had chosen environmental engineering as her first choice when enrolled into Nanyang Technological University. Water treatment engineering was her major. She joined a MNC company after graduated to pursue her passion in the water field. However, she got disappointed when she found out that the environmental protection act was just a benchmark and most company wouldn’t spend more money as long as they met the minimum requirement even though the so-called standard still posed harm to the environment.
Amy turned vegetarian in 2010 when she watched a documentary during an event hosted by Tzu Chi Singapore. After learning more about the scary truth of egg and dairy industry, she decided to ditch her favourite egg and became a vegan in 2017. She hopes to inspire more and more people to adopt the compassionate and environmental friendly lifestyle.
Damon Lim

DAMON LIM, fundraising officer

Damon believes in leaving the world a better place for the next generation and supporting the mission of CRF by inspiring people to make more humane and sustainable choices is how he hopes to achieve this. He hopes to make more choices available as he believes that when the more sustainable options are mainstream, they become the de facto choice for consumers.
Armed with an Advanced Degree in Management, he also provides pro-bono strategy consulting to non-profit organizations together with the university students he mentors on a weekly basis to assist the organizations to further their goals of uplifting the lives and livelihoods of those who are marginalized and disadvantaged.
Joyce Lim

JOYCE LIM, HR & Appointments Officer

Joyce practices mindfulness; and eating mindfully motivated her to become vegetarian in 2018 and also led her to the work of CRF in Singapore. She is a Human Resources Practitioner, and enjoys solving people issues. Outside of work, she practices skills-based volunteering in the form of providing human resources knowledge and advice. She is pursuing a Masters’ in Counselling to deepen her ability to listen to the suffering of all living beings.

MURLI RAVI, treasurer

Murli’s path to getting involved in advocacy of plant-based diets has an uncommon origin. He had picked up a book by a polymath cognitive scientist-mathematician-physicist, who also has deep interests in linguistics, music, visual art and many other topics. The book wove the author’s many interests together and had nothing to do with the topic of diet, environmentalism or animal rights; yet, the first chapter profoundly influenced Murli and he immediately became vegetarian. Since then, having found CRF online, he has volunteered with various programmes run by the society. Murli is also an avid cyclist, riding several hundred kilometres every month, and has been called up to represent Singapore in racing a tandem bicycle with blind cyclists from the national para-cycling team.

SHWETA SINGH, education officer

Shweta is a nutritionist who is passionate about nutrition and dietetics. She’s also enthusiastic about environmental causes and believes that every small effort put in by a single person can snow ball into gigantic change. The effort can be as simple as changing a personal habit. She’s a mother at heart who believes that we should leave a cleaner, greener and better world for our next generations.
Xinyu Tok

XINYU TOK, communications & marketing officer

Xinyu was first introduced to vegetarianism from yogic philosophy, which has ahimsa (non-harming of sentient beings) as a guiding principle. After understanding the state of factory farming for dairy and eggs, she decided to be fully plant based. This being a healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyle further compounds her decision. To get an overview of the health, environmental and ethical reasons for veganism, she recommends an afternoon of movie marathon watching these films: What the Health, Cowspiracy and Dominion. Outside of work, she can be found on a yoga mat or listening to podcasts (the plant powered wellness advocate Rich Roll is one of her biggest inspiration).