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Our story

Who are we?


We are  a registered non-profit  and charity, that started in 1999 as Vegetarian Society (Singapore) with an aim to inspire people in Singapore to embrace a plant-based diet. Over the years, we have inspired many people to choose a plant-based diet through our talks, outreach activities, movie screenings and educational games.

In our continuing efforts to build a more harmonious and healthy world, we expanded our areas of work to include other areas of responsible living. In 2016, we put together Singapore’s biggest plant-based sustainability event – EarthFest, in the same year we also started Animal Allies – an initiative to promote compassion towards our animal friends.

Looking back at our journey so far and in preparing for our future, we worked on our overall organisational strategie. The result was a new name – Centre for a Responsible Future (CRF), a new mission and objectives that cover our key areas of work; plant-based diets, compassion for animals, sustainability, plant-based health and fitness and support for all plant-based businesses

Our Initiatives


EarthFest is our annual plant-based sustainability event. The event hosts sustainability talks, hands-on activities, plant-based food stalls and a bazaar featuring environment friendly, local and regional businesses.​

Animal Allies

Animal Allies inspires people to extend their compassion towards our non-human friends. We provide resources towards animal welfare and advocacy.

Alliance for a Responsible Future

Alliance for a Responsible Future aims to create a platform for plant-based and eco-friendly businesses to come together and promote their products and services to the plant-based and sustainability conscious community.

Vegetarian Society

Vegetarian Society encourages people to move towards a plant-based lifestyle, by providing relevant resources. The Society organises outreach, tasting and cooking sessions, movie screenings and talks.

Plant Forward

PlantForward is a new initiative to promote health and fitness through plant-based diets.

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